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We could tell you why you should use D.E.G but we thought it would be better to let our customers tell you instead.

Jason Lecuyer
Director / Special Events for Schenectady County

Jason Lecuyer

I have been working with DEG for over two years now. We have done more than a dozen events together in the last two years ranging from small stage setups to large scale events like Schenectady County SummerNight. As the Special Events Director it is important for me to surround myself with a team of partners who share my vision for putting together high quality events no matter what the size. Stan far exceeds my expectations on every event we do. Our partnership is like a relationship and the more shows we do together, the more we both understand how we can help each other. Stan’s ability to adjust and think on the fly is one of the best attributes he has. He understands that things don’t always go as planned and makes himself flexible during events to adjust to the event’s needs. There is not a better company or person to work with then Stan and DEG.

Joe Defino
Organizer/Coordinator / Hope Rocks Festival Saugertise, NY

Joe Defino

Doing a job and doing it right are very rarely seen together. Stan Denis and the Denis Entertainment Group never do a job any other way. In a business which breeds dubious deals and dealers, these guys have made a name based upon their integrity, work ethic, professionalism and devotion to excellence. Whether it is taking care of the artist’s, promoter’s or audience’s needs, DEG always gets the job done. Having worked closely with Stan and his team for the past year, it has been a privilege to see such “old school” work ethic applied to the ever changing demands of high-profile sound support. DEG boasts more than work habits, though. They provide the finest gear and employ the best techniques for getting your show to sound spectacular. Stan is a consummate professional who continually pushes the boundaries of his own knowledge and expertise to stay ahead of the pack. The Denis Entertainment Group is gets it done like no one else will. The best part is they make all those around them feel like they are part of something special, because they are.

Shane Spillinger
Concert Promoter / Capital Region

Shane Spillinger

I have worked with Stan Denis many times. He is very professional. His attention to detail is unmatched in the market. I have worked with a lot of sound men who are irritable or not humble enough to make the bands feel comfortable. Stan is the opposite. He always goes above and beyond to insure the bands are happy and the show goes very well. I highly suggest his services for all kinds of shows. I’ve worked with Stan at the club level and on major, large street festivals. In both areas Stan excels at what he does.

Sly Fox
Capital Region Concert Promoter / Member of Sly Fox and the Hustlers

Sly Fox

I have worked with Denis Entertainment Group several times and in a few different capacities. They have done sound for my band Sly Fox and the Hustlers and I have hired them as FOH at a few different large venues that I work with as a talent buyer and in both situations I have been extremely pleased with the results. Stan Denis has a great ear and the extensive technical knowledge to get the job done right, but he also gives off a positive vibe vs. the stereotypical "angry sound man". He let's you know he is there to help and work with you to get the best possible results for the crowd and band alike. Stan is a total professional in every way and I look forward to working with him more in the future, I would recommend him for any gig big or small!

Carl Blackwood
General Manager/Sound Engineer / The Linda Theater. Member of Bendt

Carl Blackwood

Stan and his crew have some of the strongest work ethic around. Not only that but his live mixes have always conveyed what the band actually sounds like. He's gone so far as to walk up to my amp and make sure that what's coming out of his PA is the same as whats coming out of my amp: helping me get the sound right at the source and understanding that we spend our whole careers trying to create a specific sound. To add to that, I am also an audio engineer and the best monitor mixes in any concert so far that I've played have come from Stan and his crew. Any musician knows how important hearing yourself is. Denis Entertainment do the job right without hassle and a great attention to detail.

Regional Touring Act


We have been playing out for years and DEG has provided the best on stage mix we have ever had. When the mix on stage is great it makes us feel great and feeling great is the recipe to one kick ass show. Stan and his team provide nothing but great vibes and excellent ears. What more could you ask for?

Ralph Renna
Capital Region Concert Promoter/Member / Let Go Daylight

Ralph Renna

Stan Denis went above and beyond his call of duty stepping up to the plate and increasing the quality of live music at the Dana Park concert series 2017 Albany NY. The sound man should be part of a band performing and that's exactly what Stan Denis is. He becomes part of the act.

Jennifer Hess Up All Night
Party Band Upstate NY

Jennifer Hess

We have had the pleasure of working with Stan and D.E.G twice this past summer, not much else to say then Absolutely Stellar! The sound quality on stage as well as in the crowd, surpasses many of the large venues we have played! Stan and his crew are professional and very accommodating, we hope to work with them again real soon!!!!

Shoe Box Dojo
Local Touring Act

Shoe Box Dojo

Denis Entertainment means the world to ShoeBoxDojo, their level of professionalism is unmatched, they work hard for you, and the quality of the sound speaks for itself. Stan Denis has every aspect of his domain under his thumb so you can get on stage with total confidence. Confidence in sound quality is a game changer when you are performing for a large crowd. Here's to hoping every event has a 'Denis Entertainment' logo slapped on it.

Regional Touring Act


We are eternally grateful for Stan Denis and Talia Denis of Denis Entertainment Group Inc. for providing the best live stage sound in the area, and Excellent videos. Thank you Guys!

Josh Morris
Member / Hasty Page

Hast Page/Josh Morris

I first met Stan Denis in April of 2016, during MOVE Music Festival. Hasty Page had been selected to perform at Dawn’s Victory Sports Cafe and Stan was running sound that night. First thing I thought when I walked in the room was, “wow, it’s going to be loud and people won’t stay.” The solid tile floors and high ceilings scared me since I knew we were such a loud band. So as most musicians do, I introduced myself to the sound guy and immediately felt at ease because he had this overall sense of understanding and expertise in the realm of live sound. He assured me that things would sound just fine. Needless to say, the night continued on flawlessly with the help of Stan and his partner behind the board. No technical issues, no typical angry sound guy situations. Just an all around calm, comfortable, and professional environment created by Stan, the sound man, Denis. In the following November, and several occasions after that, we had the pleasure of working with Stan again at Jupiter Hall. He added us to a Regional Music Showcase that he put together with his extremely talented daughter, Talia, and with his knowledge of booking, stage management, and sound engineering, every experience that we’ve had with him at Jupiter Hall has been a breeze. Me, my family, and my band mates in Hasty Page would like to thank Stan for his support, his professionalism, his positive and energetic attitude, and his corrective criticism aimed towards both our sound and our presentation on/off stage. Much love and much more foreseeable work to be done together in the future.

Paul Taddeo (Director of Worship/Band) Tara Coppola (Worship Vocals)
Worship Band / Faith, Rexford NY

Paul Taddeo (Band Director) Tara Coppola (Worship Vocals)

We have had the opportunity to work with Stan Denis of Denis Entertainment Group for a few years in a row at our Praise in The Park Event at Freedom Park Scotia.  Stan is extremely professional and has excellent knowledge and skill with sound and lighting production. He truly understands the needs of a band as well as vocalists for every type of musical style he produces. He is extremely flexible and takes our thoughts into great consideration then puts them into action for us. He has great foresight and continues to improve the overall experience we have with each event we hire him for.  One of Stan's highest priorities is providing quality gear and he is always making improvements with his audio and lighting equipment. He is prompt, the stage set up and take down is impeccable and his mixing capability is top notch. Stan always has a positive attitude and is very enjoyable to work with. We highly recommend Stan and DEG for your next event if you are considering. Looking forward to DEG being a part of our next Praise in The Park event in 2018.  We cannot thank Stan enough for all he does to make our event as great as it can be.  


Wild Adriatic

Karma Darwin


Frozen Sun

Sly Fox and The Hustlers


Bad Mothers

Shoebox Dojo

Faith, Praise In The Park

Talia Denis

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Denis Entertainment Group (DEG) sound and lighting offers high quality concert production, tour support and event management. We work with events and venues of all sizes. From National acts to local bands, from events with tens-of-thousands of attendees to small club with a local gathering we are more than happy to help you out. DEG uses the latest equipment from Midas, QSC, Electro-Voice, Shure, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica and Blizzard. DEG offers full tour support with custom enclosed trailers, sound, lighting, live show multi-track audio recording and multi-cam video recording. We also offer full tour management if needed.

Friendly and fun,  let’s face it, often times people in the live event business leave something to be desired with regards to their attitude and willingness to do what they can to make your show the best it can be and… make your show as enjoyable as it can be not only for your audience but also for the venue and of course the performer. We hope that you will visit the testimonials section of this website to see what our customers have to say.

We’re nice guys. We do what we do because we love it. We love live music, we love producing shows and we love going on the road. Our company grows one happy customer at a time. Give us a call and you will see what it’s like to have a customer focused company producing your concert, show or seminar.
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